De Pizza

Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker continued celebrating Wilmingtons restaurant renaissance today by hosting a ribbon-cutting  for Downtown’s newest business: DiMeo’s Pizzaiuoli Napulitani at 831 N. Market Street. Joining Mayor Baker for today’s grand-opening ceremony was 3rd District City Council Member Eric D. Robinson.

...“DiMeo’s is a welcome addition to Downtown Wilmington’s dining scene,” said Mayor Baker. “Whether looking for a quick slice of pizza to take back to the office or a mouth-watering pasta dish to enjoy on your lunch break, you’re certain to find something to satisfy your palate in this cozy, yet vibrant restaurant.”

NAPLES, ITALY COMES TO WILMINGTON, DELAWARE DiMeo’s Pizzaiuoli Napulitani Debuts An Authentic Neapolitan Pizzeria In The Heart Of The Business District

Anyone who has ever dreamed of enjoying a leisurely lunch in Naples, Italy need not a passport to achieve the experience.  In fact, diners in Wilmington, DE will soon have an authentic Neapolitan eatery on their very own Market Street.  DiMeo’s Pizzaiuoli Napulitani is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of their Wilmington location.  (831 North Market Street, Wilmington, DE, 19801) DiMeo’s offers an unforgettable Neapolitan experience that is new to the fast-casual industry.  For busy people in todays hassled world, DiMeo’s offers an amazing diversion from life.  Unlike so many other pizzerias - DiMeo’s goes beyond excellent decorating, expected menu items and regular themes.  DiMeo’s brings history alive, where seeing Pulecenella and Arlecchino on the walls, listening to old Neapolitan tunes and using only the finest ingredients imported directly from the homeland is all part of the authenticity that sets DiMeo’s apart from the rest.  Pino DiMeo, a Neapolitan Native, came to the U.S. in 1988 eager to bring the American people the Neapolitan concept for which he had such passion.  A natural born “pizzaiuolo” (pizza-maker), Pino set out to make his dreams come to life.  After honing his business skills in his family’s pizzeria (the international Villa Pizza), Pino went on to open 6 successful pizzerias and 1 upscale restaurant from 1988 through 2008.  Pino has now partnered with his son, Antimo, and together they have reinvented the concept and are eager to deliver the community a one-of-a-kind Neapolitan pizzeria.  With 23 years of experience in Pino’s pocket, the Italian born pizzaiuolo is ready to show people what true Neapolitan food is all about. 

DiMeos looks like any other pizza place... The first indication that this might be more than just yourr standard pizza place is the giant slices of pepperoni that rest atop the pies, three times the size of an average piece of pep....

... the top of the pie was covered with a red San Marzano tomato sauce, dotted with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil leaves. There were slightly charred spots on the bottom of the crust - an indicator of excellence. The first bite started with a crunch, giving way to a slight chew of the crust. Sweet, fresh-tasting tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and pungent, slightly peppery basil rounded out the flavors.

...exactly the kind of pasta dish you would find at any upscale Italian restaurant, but for only $12 herre.

It was quite simply the best pizza I have ever had in Wilmington in all my many years here.  The crust was spectacular – thin and crisp.  The sauce was delicious.